Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kerith Kids Reflections

People often ask me if I get nervous before speaking on a Sunday. The reality is that yes I do, but I was far more nervous last Sunday as instead of speaking to adults I was speaking to four different groups of children on our Bracknell site. Terrifying :)

Despite my fears it was absolutely brilliant to see what goes on with our children. I do try and pop into our kids work on a regular basis on both sites, but it's usually either before the children get there or just sticking my head around the door once it's started. It was so inspiring to be in there for a whole morning and see what goes on in it's entirety.

Reflections I had were:

  • It's such a privilege to be in a church community with so many children. I heard a statistic recently that over 50% of the churches in the UK don't have anyone under the age of 18 in them - we're so blessed that the opposite is true for us. Not only do we have so many children but we must also be incredibly grateful for the way God is growing them and moving in their lives. They're developing into a remarkable generation.
  • We have an amazing team who serve the kids week in week out. Quite a number of the team were there at 8.20am when I turned up and still there at 1.30pm when we finally finished clearing up. Their commitment to the kids is remarkable.
  • We need more volunteers! Volunteers with all sorts of skills from holding crying babies, teaching, leading worship, hoovering, setting up computers, setting up rooms and much more. But all of whom have a vision for the lives of children being transformed through a relationship with God. If you'd be interested email our children's pastor Lydia Harris-Lane at - she'd love to hear from you!
It was a brilliant morning, and I'm now trying to find a slot to speak to the children in Sandhurst, as well as getting back to the kids work on our Bracknell site sooner rather than later.


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