Thursday, July 10, 2014

REAL Talks and Offering

All of the talks from our REAL women's conference are now up online, including the interviews and the Q&A with Catrina, Shauna Niequist and Philippa Hanna. I'd encourage everyone in our community to listen to them - especially the men! One of the things I appreciated about this years conference was that all the talks were just as applicable and relevant for men as they were for women and I'd really encourage guys to listen to them too!

I also saw the total for the offering at REAL yesterday - we raised £2,173 (with a little bit of Gift Aid still to come in on top of that) which is brilliant. All of that money will go to funding women from other nations to attend Kerith conferences - in fact there are already two women, Sonja and Karolina from Serbia, who are being funded from the offering to come to the Willow GLS in October - hopefully you'll all get to meet them. Thank you to everyone who gave.

REAL now takes a bit of a break (in the Benham household at least) until the Autumn when planning for REAL 2015 will start in earnest. Put the dates in your diary and let's be praying for another life changing couple of days for the women in our community (and through them the men!).



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