Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Henry Cloud

Just a reminder that Henry Cloud is with us on the 1st October. I don't really know what else to say to encourage people to get there, other than

Please don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!

It will do you so much good to be there!

That's done then :)

I honestly believe that learning to say "no" in a way which doesn't leave us feeling guilty, embarrassed or that we're just lightweights is one of the major keys to us creating lives which aren't frantic and out of control because we've given in to everyone elses demands. So seriously, if you can please get there as it's going to be a day I don't think we'll forget in quite some time.

As I said before you can get there two ways:

The first is to register as a delegate via the Willow website. As part of a church in the Willow Creek Association you can get in at the member rate of £35 (or £25 if you're under 30, a student or a senior) as long as you book by 22nd September. If you need the Kerith login details to get the members rate (and you're a part of our community!) then email reception at info@kerith.co.uk to get them. Or as a special favour, and because I really want you to be there, if you get my blog via email just reply to the email and I'll send you the details myself!

Secondly you can serve, which gets you in for free. As a server you may miss the start and end of the sessions as you head off to or come back from your drinks point, or wherver else you need to be, but you'll catch the majority of all the sessions. Penny Lander is recruiting the serving teams - please email her at landerpenny@gmail.com by Thursday 18th September if you'd like to be considered for one of the serving teams.

Be there :)


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Sue said...

Will it be recorded? Would really like to be there but I can't.