Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Series - Pure

On Sunday we start a new 4 week series called Pure. We're going to take a look at holiness, and what it means for us to be holy. If the thought of that makes you shudder, or fills you with dread, then I think you'll find this series gives you a completely different view of what holiness is really all about.

28th September - PURE: PROMISED

12th October - PURE: UNLIMITED

19th October - PURE: RELEASED

26th October - PURE: ENJOYED

The series explores God's holiness - how he promises to work his holiness in us; how his supply of holiness for us is unlimited; how he means for it to overflow from us and be released into our world and how the whole process is not designed to hold us back or make us bored, but to empower us and to be enjoyed.

Hope to see you on Sunday.



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