Friday, October 17, 2014

Andy Partington on Sunday

Andy Partington is preaching on Sunday at all 4 meetings in part three of our Pure series. This week we're going to look at how through us living holy lives the power of God can be released into our world.

Andy currently serves as the Director of Yeldall Manor (a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre Kerith works with quite extensively). He and his delightful family are preparing to move to Santa Cruz, Bolivia in order to launch Novō, a charity which will create transformational communities in developing nations – places where hurting and broken people can find healing, wholeness and hope. You can read more about all they're planning in their blog, and Andy will be sharing with us a bit of what he's going to be doing out there.

Please also be praying for Liam Parker and the team he's taken out to Estonia. They're helping to run a youth conference in the capital, Tallinn, where the Pentecostal church is gathering young people and youth leaders from across the city. Please pray for people to be saved, inspired, encouraged and sent out as a result of all that goes on.

Hope to catch you on Sunday,



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