Thursday, October 2, 2014

Henry Cloud Reflections

We had an outstanding day yesterday with Dr Henry Cloud. For everyone who couldn't make it I'm really sorry you weren't able to be there.

Some of what he brought we'd heard before, such as helping us understand how we should relate to and help people depending on whether they're wise, foolish or evil. However, the more relaxed format we had gave much more time for Henry to unwrap these ideas at a greater depth than I'd ever heard before which was excellent.

Other material was completely new to me. In particular the session he did after lunch describing the church culture which is going to produce the life change we all long for (more like an Alcoholics Anonymous self help group where everyone is willing to own up to their brokenness than our traditional small groups) really resonated with me.

Catrina and I also had the privilege of spending some time with Henry and his delightful wife Tori. They're every bit as engaging and insightful in private as they are in public.

All the talks were recorded and should soon be available from Willow UK - I'll let you know when that happens.

If you missed Henry then please consider coming to the Willow GLS which is on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th October. If you're part of Kerith then you can get our special church rate by signing up here.


ps As always our volunteers, staff and academy students did an amazing job of making the conference happen and making sure the delegates had an excellent welcome.


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