Saturday, November 22, 2014

Andy Partington and Pesky Freepost

Many of you will have heard Andy Partington when he spoke a few weeks ago as part of our PURE series. In that talk he spoke about the plans he and his wife Mickey have to move out to Bolivia next year to establish a drug rehabilitation project called Novō. We also gave out leaflets which described the Novō project they are planning.

Andy & Mickey Partington have asked to let me know that there was a problem with the FREEPOST address on the response forms of their Novō leaflets, which means that any which peope completed haven’t been delivered to Andy & Mickey. If you completed a form Andy & Mickey are really sorry that they haven’t got back to you, and would be incredibly grateful if you could email them at to let them have your response that way. You can also take a look at Andy’s blog to find out more!

Although Novō isn't a Kerith project (it's a totally separate charity), as a community we are completely behind all that Andy and Mickey are planning to do. Please take a look at Andy's blog, and if you'd be interested in suporting them send them an email to express your support.

Thanks from me, and from Andy and Mickey.



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