Sunday, November 23, 2014

From Here to Eternity - Making a Will

I spoke today about the vital importance of anyone who has assets, or children under the age of 18, making a will. If you don't then in the event of your death you could leave a huge mess behind for your loved ones to sort, at a time when they are probably least able to deal with it, and both your assets and your children may not end up where you'd have wanted. By making a will you can not only make your wishes clear but also specify funeral arrangements, gifts to charities and potentially reduce any inheritance tax.

It is vital to get professional advice when drawing up a will to ensure it is legal. There are lots of options for doing this - I thought I'd mention a few to help you get started. I obviously can't endorse any of these so I'll leave you to do your own research to choose the best option for you.

Martin Elliott is part of our community and runs a company called Thames Valley Wills, which as the name suggests specialises in producing will. He's offering a 10% discount on his normal fees for anyone from Kerith wanting to draw up a will.

Martin Lewis, who runs Money Saving Expert (and is also a big fan of CAP which is always going to endear him to me!), has on his website an advice page on drawing up a will.

Similarly the Law Society has a web page giving both advice and resources to help find a suitable solicitor.

Citizens Advice Bureau also have a page of advice on drawing up a will.

Finally CAP have some advice on leaving a legacy. If you are drawing up a will why not consider leaving legacies to Kerith, CAP or other organisations where your own personal legacy can continue into the future.

I strongly want to encourage you to draw up a will if you don't already have one, or if you do consider whether it needs to be updated.

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