Friday, November 14, 2014

Some 2015 Dates

Unbelievably 2015 is rapidly approaching, and I know many of you will already be filling up your calendars. I wanted to let you know of a few Kerith events we know will be happening next year.

On Saturday 14th February Erwin McManus will be with us, doing a day conference based around his outstanding book The Artisan Soul (which I will get round to writing a review of it at some point!).

Erwin will also be with speaking with us on Sunday 15th February, which is brilliant. I know many of you will also be excited to hear that his wife Kim, who has spoken twice at REAL, is coming with him too :)

On Thursday 19th March we're going to be hosting a one day conference with James Emery White and a team from his church.

Many of you will know James from his previous visits. His specialism is analysing and understanding the culture we live in, and working out how we as churches can best engage with the culture. His church is pretty unique in that 70% of their growth has been through seeing unchurched people come to faith. At the conferences we'll hear not only from James but also from the people leading his kids, creative arts, communictions and welcome teams on how they've built a church which is reaching the culture so effectively.

If you're part of Kerith please think about coming along. If from another church I strongly encourage you to being a team to learn about how we can build churches which are truly going to transform the culture.

Thirdly, after the success of our youth's SummerLife 2014 they'll be doing it all again in 2015 (with a new logo I promise!). All the details will be coming out soon, but for all those parents looking to book summer holidays I wanted you to know that this year it will be on the 24th-28th August. This year they're going to a new venue, Grittleton House School in Wiltshire, which looks excellent. More details to follow.

Finally to let you know that we'll be hosting the Global Leadership Summit on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th October. Please put those dates in your diary for what will be another outstanding leadership training event.

In the meantime get on with enjoying what is left of 2014 :)



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