Thursday, December 18, 2014

Carol Concert and Andy Jackson

This coming Sunday we have our Carol Concert at 10am in Sandhurst and at 6pm in Bracknell. Please be inviting people to come and hear about the hope which can be found by all of us through the Christmas story. It's a great meeting with some incredible personal stories of how different people in different situations have found hope.

For those of you who have already seen it then why not come and experience it again, and bring some friends along with you too. We had some great feedback after last Sunday - I'm believing for more life changing experiences for people this week.

In Bracknell at the 9am and 11am Andy Jackson will be speaking on "Social justice isn't just for Christmas". I'm always amazed how organisations which feed the homeless are often overwhelmed with people wanting to serve with them over Christmas, but can struggle for volunteers through the rest of the year. Hear from Andy how working out God's heart for us to be a force for justice in the world can be something we're involved with all year round.

It's our last Sunday together in 2014 as we don't meet on the 28th December, so please do all you can to make at least one of our gatherings.


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