Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December Prayer Meeting

Just a reminder that this Wednesday (17th December) is our final all church prayer meeting of the year. We'll be meeting in K2 for an hour starting at 8pm.

I know lots of us are busy at this time of year with works parties, family gatherings, children's events and much more, but if you are able to make it then it will be a great opportunity to step back from all the craziness for an hour, fix our eyes on the real reason for the season and ask God to be with us through the next few weeks.

In 2015 we're going to follow a similar pattern to this year, with a monthly prayer meeting on a Wednesday night, either in K2 or Sandhurst School, and a month of prayer in February where I'd love us to do a month of 24x7 prayer in the prayer room. We'll give out all the dates at the start of next year.

Hope to see you on Wednesday - if not have a great time whatever else you're up to.


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