Friday, December 5, 2014

News about TMTL

Yesterday (Thursday) I had the privilege of speaking at TMTL, our group for the retired. It's something I always enjoy doing, both speaking there and getting to spend time with all the wonderful people who attend. I spoke from Luke 2 on Simeon and Anna prophesying over Jesus. It's a passage I've been studying as part of getting ready for Christmas, and it's so full of meaning - I love it!

I also spoke about some changes we're going to be making in the structure of TMTL. The current leaders who you can see in the photo above - Bill and Ann Dick, Roy and Ruth Buck, Dave and Miriam Barker (plus Averil Wilson who is away visiting her daughter in Australia) - have decided for a variety of reasons that it's time to step down from leading the group. They've done an amazing job over the years arranging the meetings and caring for everyone who attends - I'm so grateful to them for all the time, energy and effort they've put in.

We have been praying for new leaders to emerge, but so far that hasn't happened. I'm really keen that we keep TMTL going as a way to provide fellowship and support for the people who attend, so from February the group is going to meet twice a month, on the first and third Thursday from 1-3pm in the K2 building on our Bracknell site. We'll run this with support from Caroline Hanbury and the pastoral team - please contact Caroline if you'd like to get more details on this.

I strongly feel this is only an interim step, and that God has new things He wants to do amongst the retired in our community. If you've got any thoughts or vision around helping make that happen I'd love to hear from you.



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