Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Prayer Meeting & All Leaders Meeting

With the New Year now seemingly up to full speed (and I for one already zoning out when I hear about the general election in 4 months time!) I wanted to let you know about a couple of meetings coming up.

On Wednesday 14th January we meet together as a church to pray - 8pm in K2. There's much to thank God for in all that went on in 2014, and much to pray for as we look ahead to 2015.

Then on Tuesday 20th January anyone in leadership in Kerith is invited to our All Leaders Meeting starting at 7.45pm in K2. The evening will start with wine and cheese, and an opportunity to catch up with others and meet new people. The rest of the evening will then be a combination of leadership training and a vision update from me. If there's time we'll finish with Q&A. I'd love everyone involved in leadership, however old or young you are and however big or small the team you lead, to be there, plus anyone who might consider themselved to be a potential future leader - you'd be very welcome too.

Hope your 2015 is going well, and see you on Sunday if not before.


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