Monday, January 19, 2015

What does it mean to be courageous?

I asked the question last week "what does it mean to you to be courageous?". Thank you to everyone who replied - I've included a selection of them below.

Choose today to be courageous, because God is with you!



  • As a nurse..I think of cancer victims..trying to fight this disease with courage and dignity.
  • Courageous to me is someone who knows what it is to suffer, who has faced adversity and tough times...yet they live their life full of dignity, respect for themselves and others and don't give up. :)
  • Courage for me has been stepping out and doing things when everyone else has told me I'm a fool for doing it, when I've known in my soul that it's what He is asking me to do.
  • Stepping out and doing something you're not sure you're capable of but doing it anyway.
  • Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to continue in spite of fear.
  • I think courage is being willing to be honest about who you are, where you are and who you're not and trusting God has you where he needs you to do his work in you.
  • Carers - of the long term ill, of children with disability, of the infirm elderly in the family. People also who have courage to stand up for truth even if it means being the odd one out or worse.
  • Choosing to revere God more than created things...
  • I guess Canon Andrew White springs to mind when I think of courage, (although I'm sure he doesn't consider his love of sharing the Gospel as courageous).
  • Courage is those children who Canon White works with who even when faced with execution will not renounce their faith. A courageous lesson to us all...
  • Bold and confident action to achieve necessary good, in the face of the fear of possible failure.
  • Doing the undoable, saying the unsayable, being the unchangeable, swimming against the tide, believing the unbelievable and all because God revealed it to you!!
  • Standing for what you believe in when others don't agree with you.
  • Action in the face of opposition!
  • I think vulnerability is courageous - it's the courage to be you, to admit that you don't have it all together, that you have fears like everyone else, but to keep going - whether that's getting out of bed in the morning or following your dreams. Both are brave.
  • Definition of courage in the dictionary - ability to do something that frightens one.
  • Courageous is making plans and then stepping out in faith to achieve them and carrying on through the rough patches.
  • Courage is being riddled with fear, and knowing that the giants you face today could and probably will take everything you have within you, but you do it anyway, knowing that if by some small chance you do survive, you may have to do it all again tomorrow. I think so many have courage - sick children, single parents, those on the front lines, pastors, parents who have lost children, business men and new mums. I think in order for you to see courage, you have to possess it.
  • I think courage looks different in individual lives, circumstances, and seasons. Courage to a CEO making million dollar decisions might look quite different to the courage a cancer patient requires to find life. The universal element of courage is doing the thing you "HAVE" to do regardless of the obstacles, including your own fear. Courage is a necessary ingredient for LIFE! A life absent of courage is not fully alive. Where you find courage, you find life!
  • Doing things you dont want to do but know you have to in order to grow as a person.
  • I think courage is a relative term. What takes real courage for one person to achieve maybe very easy for someone else to achieve. The trick is noticing when someone has been courageous. Courage is feeling the fear and walking straight through the middle of it. Easier to do if you are walking with God. Courage is also daring to walk the walk set before you (if you are a Christian, the walk God has asked you to do), even if that means you have to dare to be different. So just as God asks us to have faith to move mountains, he asks us to have the courage to climb those mountains if God wants them to stay put. Courage is the point where we stop being a prisoner to our fears and begin to live life in freedom.
  • A key issue is what is the courage based on.
  • I love Malcolm Gladwell's comment "courage is not something you're born with, you earn it by being brave".
  • To me it signifies trying something you've not done before, stepping outside of your comfort zone, without any idea of the outcome!
  • Sometimes it is simply getting out of bed in the morning, giving to those around you even when you feel rubbish and standing up for what you know is right even when people might be offended!
  • Courage is facing death without fear and sometimes just getting out of bed to face the day.
  • Courage is the choice that we make not to be mastered by fear. It is not that we ignore fear, for it is necessary and can keep us alive, rather it is the decision not to make fear the ruling voice in our lives.

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