Friday, February 27, 2015

K4 Shop 2014 Finance Figures

Greetings from Macedonia!

I thought you might be interested to know how our K4 Shop in the Bracknell town centre did in 2014.

Income for the year was £57,585, which includes money we got from selling some of the excess clothing to a salvage company. That means that the shop income was over £1,000 a week, which seems remarkable when you go into the shop and see that pretty much everything in there costs £5 or less. Rob Eveleigh as the manager and Teresa Cottee as his assistant, plus the army of volunteers who help sort all the stock and keep the shop going, really have done an amazing job in making that possible - thank you to everyone involved. Huge credit also to Catriona Mitchell who first had the vision for the shop, and was then instrumental in getting it up and running.

Costs associated with the shop in 2014 were £35,873 which includes wages, rent, utility bills and insurance.

That means the shop made a profit in 2014 of £21,712 which is brilliant. That money has allowed us to maintain our CAP Debt Counselling Centre at its existing size (as one of the biggest CAP Centres in the country) whilst continuing to expand the size and range of our other Social Justice ministries. You'll hear more about that on Sunday if you're at any of our Bracknell meetings, or in Sandhurst the week after.

As part of developing our CAP Centre we've recently appointed Tim Wheatley as our Centre Manager, taking over from the fantastic Lisa Rutland who stepped down last Summer. Tim originally started with us on our Academy, then took on being a Debt Coach and has now stepped up to being the Centre Manager. Please be praying for Tim as he takes on this new role.

Sadly, after many extensions to our lease, it looks like we'll lose our current shop in April as the Bracknell regeneration moves on to the next phase. We've been working hard to try and find a new site for the shop, but so far with no success. Please be praying for that too, and if you have any ideas please let us know.




Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

Well done but

You say claim that your service is for everybody in the community to get help and support I was told I was not going to get help as the list was full and I would be waiting a long time but this was not the case

I spoke to the cap centre manager and she told me about the list but according to a person the centre manager said that she felt I was rude but in fact I had been asked to talk to her by the national cap centre in Bradford

I was facing and very hard time I had to seek help from the bank my family and my friends but your service said I was rude

A year and a half later I'm nearly debt free and my doing well but it wasn't down to your church it was down to the bank and family and my care staff that I had to pay out of my own money

You need to over hall your service so it's disabled friendly and give support to the vulnerable community who also find themselves in debt tthough no fault of there own

So when you stand up on the platform on Sunday morning saying how great cap is remember my words in your blog and nd there is one disabled man who you guys didn't want to help me is that fair I think not

But we'll done

Simon Benham said...

Hi Dean.

I'm really pleased to hear that you're almost debt free - that's great news.

It is true that our centre has always run with a waiting list. That's something we've worked hard to overcome, but it's a reflection of the number of people struggling with debt in our community. It's also true that we don't always get it right in everything we are involved in as a church, whether that's CAP or anything else we do. Where we make mistakes we try to learn from them. I'm really sorry that in this case you didn't feel you got the help you needed.

However, I always want to say that I'm incredibly proud of our teams and the help that they give to so many different, and often very vulnerable, people in our community. We won't always get it right, but I know that for every one of those people freely giving up their time and effort, their heart and motivation is to reflect the love of Jesus to the community we live in.

Again I'm so pleased that you're almost debt free Dean. Well done for all the hard work I knwo that must have invlolved, and I hope to see you soon.