Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Macedonia & Serbia Bound

On Wednesday evening Ken Bothamley and I head off to Macedonia and Serbia for a week.

First off we head to Skopje in Macedonia to see Sasha and Marija. You may remember Marija and her daughter Tamara who have been guests in the past at our REAL women's conference. Sasha has also visited Kerith before too. They're a great couple doing some very innovative things to reach the people in their community - it will be great to see them in their context.

We then travel to Nis is Serbia to be with our friends Vlada and Sonja, who again have both visited Kerith on a number of occasions. In Nis I'll be speaking at a men's breakfast, to a youth event (any tips Liam?) and to their Sunday meeting. If you don't remember Vlada he's the one who sounds just like Gru from Despicable Me!

We then travel to a place called Kragujevac to meet a couple called Ivan and Andrijana who lead a church there, and to speak to some of the people they're gathering.

Finally we head off to Belgrade to meet some more friends of Vlada and to fly home.

Please be praying for us over the next week, that we'd be a huge encouragement to all the people we meet and carry the presence of God with us.



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