Monday, March 16, 2015

Additional Needs Questionnaire

There is no doubt that some of the most marginalised people in our society are children and adults with additional needs, along with their families and others who care for them. I'm very proud of the ministries that we as a church have provided over the years to help provide support to many of these people in our local community. I believe these ministries so represent the heart of God for our church to be a voice for hope and justice to those on the edges of society. You can read more about the support we're currently offering to children here, and to adults here.

However, even with all that amazing work going on we don't ever want to get stuck in the way we do things. Over the last few months we've sensed God stirring us to take a look at what we do and whether we should do it differently. To that end Pip Reeve, on behalf of Lydia Harris-Lane who heads up all of our work with children and families, is doing a comprehensive review of our whole additional needs ministry. As part of that we'd love to hear what people in our church community think about our ministry to those with additional needs, and what direction people feel it should be taking.

If you have thoughts about what we do currently, and what we should do in the future, with regards to our additional needs ministries we'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete this short questionnaire. Your input will then feed in to the review process, which I'll report back on once it's been completed and the elders have had time to think and pray through what changes if any we want to make.

In the meantime please be praying for Pip and all those involved in the review. Please take time to thank God for all that we've been able to do so far as a church with regard to helping those with additional needs, and be praying that God will guide us to a place where we are able to do even more to His glory.

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