Monday, March 30, 2015

Election Hustings - Wednesday 29th April

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 29th April we're hosting an election hustings in the Kerith Centre. We're going to invite all the candidates for the Bracknell Constituency to attend. The evening will include statements from all the candidates, as well as the opportunity to ask them questions. This is an opportunity not only for the local churches to hear from the candidates, but also for us to serve the wider community in creating a space for them to engage in that conversation too.

It's so important for us to engage with the political process. So many issues important to us as Christ followers, from justice for the most vulnerable in our society to education and health care, are hugely impacted by what goes on at Westminster. Our hope it not in politicians, it's in Jesus as the only one with the power to change what is in a persons heart, but it is possible for our prayer for more of "heaven on earth" to be answered through the decisions made by our elected representatives. It's therefore important that we play our part in choosing who they are.

Just be very clear Kerith as an organisation is apolitical. You will never hear me on a Sunday, or in a blog or anywhere else, recommending one particular candidate or party over another. That doesn't mean that individuals in Kerith won't have connections to a particular party, in fact one of the candidates at the forthcoming election is part of Kerith. Nor does it mean that we won't have views on the rights or wrongs particular policies. But in no way is it my job to tell anyone how to vote - we just want to help people make an informed decision as they make that choice.

So please be there on the 29th if you can. It should be an interesting evening.

Finally if anyone would like to be involved in helping make the evening happen, including car parking and welcoming guests as they arrive, please contact Pip Reeve who would love to hear from you.



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