Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Frances Reeve on Introverts and Extroverts

Many of you will know Frances Reeve. She is one of our current group of Academy students, and whilst on Academy is working in our pastoral team helping people new to Kerith to integrate into the life of our church. She's great :)

Frances recently did a spoken assignment on Academy on introverts and extroverts in the church. This is a subject I know quite a few of us have been thinking about - how do we make church as accessible as possible for people wherever they are on the introvert to extrovert spectrum. This conversation was fuelled when at last years GLS we watched a talk by Susan Cain based on her outstanding book Quiet - if you haven't read it then I encourage you to get hold of a copy - it's incredibly thought provoking. You can also watch Susan doing a TED talk based on the book here - we recently watched it at one of our leaders gathering.

Frances sent me a copy of the notes from her Academy talk, which I found very helpful. She comes at introversion and extroversion from more of a Christian perspective than Susan Cain does, which I found fascinating. You can read Frances's notes here. I'd love to hear reflections on what she's written.

Simon (who sits almost exactly in the middle of the introvert / extrovert scale, but loves silence and solitude and sometimes finds church on a Sunday exhausting and overwhelming!).



Val Cottee said...

Thank you for sharing this Frances, it is full of insight. I think that I too can sit between being an introvert and an extrovert but mainly love my 'space.' In order to produce anything of worth I need to be alone with God and feel more of His presence in a small group situation than in a large gathering.
Although I enjoy praying together as is our custom, I have to move away from people who pray so loudly and continuously as their words dominate my mind and I cannot think for myself!
Thank you Simon for publishing this and thank you lord for making us all so different.

Unknown said...

The link to Frances' notes seems to be broken.