Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter - Chosen

Not long now to Easter!

Our theme this year for our Easter meetings is Chosen.

On Good Friday we're meeting in Sandhurst at 4pm and Bracknell at 7pm, looking at how Jesus chose the cross. This is going to be lead by Liam Parker, and will have a contemplative feel to it. As part of our time together we'll be sharing communion - not to be missed!

Then on Easter Sunday we're going to look at how through the Jesus death and resurrection God chose us. For me being chosen by God is one of the most amazing truths to impact our lives - I can't wait to get to unpack some of what that practically means for each one of us.

If you can possibly make it then please join with us on both Friday and Sunday as we celebrate the pivotal event in the whole of human history.



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