Friday, April 17, 2015

Satisfied Series - Parental Advisory!

On Sunday we're continuing our Satisfied series, exploring sex and sexuality. This week I'm talking about God's design for sex, how that contrasts with the world's views and what that means for singles, married couples and people who are dating.

I know that for a variety of reasons this can be a painful subject for some. If that's you can I please encourage you to still come, as my aim is to preach this subject in a way which is both full of grace at the same time as being clear about God's truth. My prayer is that we will all find hope in what I have to say.

Also a note to any parents who bring their children into the adult meetings that I will be talking about sex in an open way. I won't be doing anything more explicit than reading out a couple of sections of Songs of Solomon, although even that can surprise people with some of its language and symbolism.

For anyone with teenagers I'd really encourage you to do all you can to get them there. They are so bombarded with all that the world would want to say to them about sex and, in my view at least, desparately need to be exposed to Biblical truth.

Hope to see you on Sunday,



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