Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sunday Follow Up - Satisfied Week 2

Hopefully everyone survived Sunday's preach on a Biblical understanding of sex! I wanted to suggest some ideas on how people could follow up on what was talked about.

First for singles. On Sunday 17th May I want to devote the preach to talking about what it looks like to be Christian and single. The more I reflect on this issue, talk in depth with singles in Kerith and read what the Bible has to say about being single (which is incredibly positive) I realise this is one of those issues both the wider church, and Kerith, has not handled well. I hope to at least begin to address that on the 17th. This is a message which all of us need to hear, so please don't opt out if you're not currently single!

For couples who are dating (or whatever the latest term is for people who are going out together but not yet married) I'd suggest listening to the version of the preach I gave at the 6pm, where I talked about practical steps you can take to stay sexually pure.

Finally for married couples, if you missed it then listen to the morning version of the preach which I addresses more towards married couples. Why not find some time this week as a couple to have a conversation about your sex life, how you both feel about it and what steps, if any, you could take to improve it. Beyond that I'd recommend a couple of excellent books - The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller which I quoted from on Sunday, and A Celebration of Sex by Dr Douglas Rosenau.

Hope that helps.

This Sunday is baptisms so we're skipping a week in the series. We've currently got people being baptised in all three meetings in Bracknell, but not in Sandhurst this time round. After that we're talking about pornography on Sunday 3rd May, same sex attraction on the 10th May and as I've already said being single on the 17th May. Please pray for me as I prepare for those talks :)

Much grace,



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