Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nepal - Our ongoing response

Many of you will have seen the news today of another major earthquake in Nepal. I wanted to let you know of some of the things we're doing, and can continue to do, as a community by way of a response.

First to let you know that the Sunday offering we had for Nepal raised a brilliant £3,475. All of that money will be going to Tearfund to help fund their relief effort. A huge thank you to everyone who gave towards that figure. If you'd still like to give then can you can give directly to Tearfund. You can also read the latest updates on the relief effort here.

This coming Sunday our Filipino community will be holding a cake sale after the 9am and 11am meetings in Bracknell to raise money for Nepal. They did the same thing after Typhoon which devastated the Philippines in 2013, and wanted to do something to stand with the people of Nepal. Come prepared to shop!

Tearfund are also seeking ​to recruit experienced staff in a number of roles to take part in the relief effort. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested you can find details of the jobs on offer here.

Caradog Davies, who is both part of Kerith and works for Tearfund in the finance department, is going out to Nepal at the end of May for three weeks to be part of the relief effort. I asked Caradog what we could pray for as he goes out, and he specifically mentioned these areas:

  • For the recruitment of the right staff to take part in the relief effort
  • For the speedy provision of shelter, food, water, sanitation and hygiene - in particular to the most remote areas
  • For registration rules to be relaxed / changed so that Tearfund and others can operate more easily in-country
  • For banking system to be repaired quickly to enable funds to be transferred
Let's be praying for these things, for Caradog and most importantly for the people of Nepal as they begin to rebuild their lives.


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