Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Calling all Parents of Teenagers

I wanted to let you know about a couple of evenings coming up for anyone with the good fortune to be the parent of a teenager!

On Tuesday 30th June in the Kerith Centre Liam Parker is going to be running one of his ever popular "setting your teenager on fire" sessions. These are always full of practical advice and inspiration on how to do one of the most difficult but rewarding jobs in the world :) As part of the evening Todd O'Brien will speak on some of the things he's learnt about being a parent to teenagers.

Then on Wednesday 1st July we're co-hosting with our friends at Easthampstead Baptist Church an event called "Let's talk about porn". Our teenagers are under more pressure than ever to conform to the standards of our increasingly sexualised world, added to by the ready availability of porn on the internet. The evening is being run by a brilliant organisation called Romance Academy who specialise in teaching this sort of thing.

For the sake of your teenagers don't miss these excellent resources.


ps anyone worried about me blogging whilst I'm on sabbatical please be assured that I wrote this before I went :)


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