Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kerith Kids Encouragement

Steve Benton is one of the amazing volunteer leaders in Kerith Kids, our Sunday children's ministry. He wrote to me recently about some of what the children had been doing on a Sunday, which I thought you'd all be inspired to read below.

You'll also be excited to know that in just the last two weeks 11 children have prayed what we call the ABC prayer, a prayer of first time commitment. Praise God.

Enjoy :)



Waiting and listening to God is not always something a lot of us do very naturally. In fact waiting and listening to anyone can be a distant second to the desire of wanting to move and talk, but hey, a few weeks ago at Kerith Kids we encouraged the children to wait and listen in the Lord's presence.

The children wanted to see what encouraging words and pictures God may want to share with them.....There are many times in the Bible where people waited on the Lord, many times people went to seek Him and even more times when God shared his heart with them. Samuel in the bible was just a small boy when he first listened to God. So at Kerith as the children waited, something very amazing started to happen.

Many children started to share pictures they had with one another, some also had the interpretations, where they didn't other children stepped in and interpreted, then there were encouraging words of truth spoken and shared amongst each other.

Many children experienced God's love and His goodness during this time. We wanted to save this moment as we connected with God so we wrote down many of these things so the children could take them away and hopefully pray into some more. Here are a couple of examples below to encourage you as you also wait on The Lord, for He has great things to share with you too!


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