Tuesday, June 16, 2015

REAL Courage


It's only a few days now until our REAL women's conference, which is this coming Friday evening and all day Saturday. The Kerith Centre is buzzing with all the preparations, our overseas visitors have started to arrive (I had lunch with Ilir and Rudina from Elbasan in Albania today) and Priscilla Reid who is one of our speakers flies in from Belfast on Thursday.

I want to encourage any women who are still wondering about whether to come or not to be courageous and make the decision to be there. We sing a song at the moment with a line in it "You make me brave". It's often those moments when we put ourselves in the way of God, and into situations where we might not feel totally comfortable, that God speaks to us most clearly. If you can't make the whole weekend then tickets are available for just £5 for either of the evenings, and if finances are stopping you from being there please let us know as we never want that being a barrier to anything we do as a community. All the details on what is happening are here.

Finally to see if you're worried about not knowing anyone, I'll be there most of the weekend so come and speak to me and I'll find you some friends to share the experience with :)



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