Monday, June 22, 2015

The Sabbatical Starts

As this is being published our son Jacob and I will be on a train on our way to the Lake District to start our Coast to Coast walk on Tuesday. This is the beginning of a 12 week sabbatical for me.

I'm so grateful to the elders for allowing me to have this space. After almost 8 years of leading the church I feel very ready for a break from the day to day pressure of leadership, to rest and to create the space to hear from God again for the next season for us all.

Besides doing the Coast to Coast walk Catrina and I will be going to the US for a while to attend the Willow Creek GLS conference in California, and to visit Bethel Church in California. I'll also be making space to do lots of reading, praying, visiting other churches and speaking with other leaders - some of the things I struggle to do in everyday life.

Whilst I'm away Kerith is in very good hands, primarily because Jesus is building the church and not me! Ben Oliver will be leading the staff team and Ken Bothamley will be heading up the elder team. I won't be checking my Kerith email whilst I'm away, so if you do need to contact me please in please contact either Ben or Ken via the Kerith website - go to the trustees tab to contact Ken.

I may blog from time to time whilst I'm away, but I won't be blogging about forthcoming events so be sure to check the Kerith website and Facebook pages for updates on what is coming up.

See you again in 12 weeks :)

Much love,


ps - the picture is of Striding Edge in the Lake District, which we may or may not attempt :)


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