Saturday, September 26, 2015

August Finance Update

A very quick update on our giving to the end of August. Our giving for the month of was as follows:

Although we had a deficit that's not unusual for August with so many people away for the month. However, the great news is that because our giving had been above budget for the rest of the year so far we're still ahead of budget overall.

A huge thank you to everyone who gives so generously. Remember that we have all been blessed in order that we can be a blessing - thank you choosing to be a part of that process. You will reap what you sow :)

Thank you also to everyone who gave to our offering to help those cant up in the refugee crisis. As of last Sunday we had raised £12,350 with money continuing to come in. Half of the money will be going to Tearfund, and the other half to a church in Munich we have relationships with who are working directly with the refugees arriving in their city. Again thank you all so much.

It is truly a privilege to help lead such an amazing community.

Much love,



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