Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Calling all Kerith Men

This Saturday the men of Kerith are gathering at the Kerith Centre for breakfast, community, Bible teaching and worship. This is a free event open to all men - it would be great to see you there and see what God will do. You can just turn up - there's no need to register.

Doors open at 9 for breakfast and the plan is to finish by 11. Lee Layton Matthews is going to bring a message of what it looks like to live your life as an authentic Christian in today's world.

At the last band of brothers we had more than 100 men come along and spend quality time together, so please do everything that you can to come along and be part of this fantastic opportunity to connect with God and build new friendships. If you'd like to know more please take a look at this short video.

Sadly I can't be there as Catrina and I are off to Cambridge on Saturday to join with Cambridge Community Church (C3) to celebrate the opening of their new multi million pound building. Steve and Angie Campbell who lead the church have become good friends of ours, and we were with them in Chicago this summer for the Willow GLS. Many of you will also remember Charlee Buzzard who became a Christian at Kerith and is now a much loved part of C3 - she also recently got engaged to a delightful young man called Chris!

It's so exciting to see how all around the country God is raising up churches, very like us in terms of vision and DNA, which we can partner with, learn from and cheer on when God blesses them. It's also exciting seeing people going from us and both being blessed and being a blessing wherever they go.

Much love,


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