Friday, September 18, 2015

First Sunday back

I'm so looking forward to being back with my church family on Sunday. Although I've really enjoyed and benefitted from my sabbatical, being away from both my immediate family and my Kerith family has undoubtedly been the biggest hardship of it all.

On Sunday I will talk a bit about my sabbatical and some of what I've learned, but want to do that in the context of pointing us to Jesus and how I've grown closer to him in my time away. We'll also all be learning a great new song from Bethel which will express much of what I want to say in worship.

As well as all that we'll also be announcing the current total for the offering to help alleviate the refugee crisis - very exciting. If you still want to give then you can find all the details here, or just put your gift in one of the giving envelopes on Sunday, mark it for the refugee crisis and put it in the regular offering.

Can't wait to catch up with as many of you as possible on Sunday. If you're away for the weekend I hope you have a fabulous time wherever you are, and find time in all you're doing to connect with him.

Much love,


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