Friday, September 25, 2015

Sunday Baptisms

This coming Sunday we've got people being baptised in the 9am and 11am meetings in Bracknell. These are always amazing opportunities to hear how God has been changing lives - please be there if you can and why not invite someone to come with you to hear the stories. Leon Johnson is speaking at the Bracknell morning meetings, Lydia Harris-Lane is speaking in Sandhurst and Liam Parker at the Bracknell 6pm - it's going to be a great Sunday! Please be sure to make at least one of our gatherings!

Let's be praying that a day would come when we have people being saved and added to the church every day, and that we start having to schedule baptisms more and more regularly because there are just so many people wanting to get baptised! Until then let's be very grateful to God for the amazing fruit we already see.

Last week we also had out highest ever attendance for a 'regular' Sunday in Sandhurst with over 150 people coming along. Numbers alone are never that big a thing for me, but it is exciting to see our Sandhurst site growing and flourishing under the excellent leadership of Ben and Heather.

Hope to see you on Sunday,


Ps - if you're a leader or aspire to lead in Kerith please come along to our all leaders meeting next Tuesday - starting at 7.45pm in K2 in our Bracknell site.

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