Wednesday, October 14, 2015

All Together Now

Other than being a fabulous song from 1990 by Liverpudlian band The Farm (based on the First World War Christmas day truce on the Western Front in 1914), "All Together Now" describes what we're going to be doing this coming Sunday morning, when we're going to have all ages joining together at each of our three morning gatherings.

One of the many ways God has blessed us as a community is that we are pretty equally spread across all the age ranges. That's part of what the church is supposed to be, perhaps the only place left in our society where people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds come together as one family - a foretaste of eternity!

This Sunday we want to celebrate that. For one Sunday to have all the ages together, to celebrate all of the different generations in our midst, but especially the children God has blessed us with. I read a recent report that almost half the churches in the UK have less than 5 under 16's attending. Last Sunday we had 188 under 12's, which is amazing and something to celebrate and thank God for!

OK, so it will be a bit chaotic! There are very good reasons why most Sundays our children are in age appropriate groups - that's part of the reason we have so many of them! But for one Sunday at least let's gather all together to celebrate and pray for one another.

Be assured that there will still be the normal private spaces for nursing mums to feed their babies, and we will be providing activities for the children to do during the meeting if they want them. Let's embrace the opportunity and have a great Sunday "All Together".

See you there :)


ps - the 6pm meeting in Bracknell is always an all age meeting! This week we're making it a worship evening - hope to see you there too!

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