Friday, October 9, 2015

Ten Top Tips for Taking up your Towel

Last Sunday we looked at the example of Jesus taking up his towel and washing the disciples feet at the last supper. How he stepped down from the place of honour, did the job that the lowest of the servants should have been doing, and then stepped back into the place of honour, all of which was a picture of his life. Giving up heaven's riches to come and walk the earth, serving us by dying a criminal's death so that we could be reconciled to his Father, then returning to the place of honour alongside his Father. And then seeing how he now, out of the place of honour which has he bestowed on each of us who follow him, calls us to do what he has done and choose to serve others as he has served us.

This Sunday I want to take last weeks message further, looking practically at how do we go about living that sort of life. Should we literally be going round washing people's feet, or does it look different in 21st century Britain? Prepare to be challenged, and hopefully encouraged at some very simple things we can all do in order to daily take up our towels.

Hope to see you Sunday :)


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