Monday, October 12, 2015

Ten Top Tips for Taking up your Towel

On Sunday I gave some ideas on how we can go about taking up our towels and follow Jesus command to serve one another. Several people asked me if I could post the tips I gave, so here they are:

  1. Study Jesus and seek to imitate Him
  2. Know your identity in Christ
  3. Be the first to offer to make the drinks
  4. Wash the dishes / empty the dishwasher (without telling everyone you did it)
  5. Declutter your life so you have time to respond to unexpected requests for help
  6. Forgive others freely, as Jesus forgave you
  7. Be generous financially (you are blessed to be a blessing)
  8. Make space for people to come into your world
  9. Serve in our church community
  10. See Jesus in everyone
If you weren't there and want to know the detail behind any of these, you can find the pocast of Sunday here.

Hope you have a great week of towel carrying!


ps Don't forget Wenesday's prayer meeting - 8pm in K2. Please park in the surgery car park to leave space for all our guests on Alpha.

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