Friday, November 20, 2015

Buildings in Albania

As part of our Generous Gifts Days we want to give money to the church we partner with in Elbasan in Albania. The church there is lead by a brilliant couple called Ilir and Rudina (who you can see in the photo below), both of whom have visited Kerith in the past.

Buildings in Albania are interesting in that they're never really finished! People will build a one or two storey home, then when their eldest child is ready to set up home they just add another storey or two to the house, they move to the top floor and their child moves in below (I guess it's a form of security for retirement!).

Their church buildings seem to be similar. The church in Elbasan has a pretty sizeable building which they are always adding to or developing. Recently we gave them some money to help finish some rooms where they'd put in the walls and the roof but didn't have the money to put in the floor, the heating and the windows - here are some photos of them putting in ther floor.

and here's a view of the outside of an area which they've finished!

For the next phase they want to finish some more rooms so that they can move their children's work from a basement room to three different rooms on the ground floor. The church is growing, and is soon to merge with another church which could double it in size, so having more room for kids work and being able to split up the different age groups is critical for them.

If you haven't already given please be thinking about what you're going to give on Sunday, or you can give online here. Our generous giving will not only be a huge encouragement to our friends in Albania, but will also make an enormous impact on the growth of their church.

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