Thursday, November 5, 2015

'Generous' Gift Days - Nominating Local Giving

On the 15th and 22nd November we're having our Generous Gift Days where we're looking to raise £100,000 to give away locally, nationally and internationally. Jesus calls us to live generous lives - this gift day is an opportunity for us to model that both as individuals and as a community.

For the local giving we'd love people in Kerith to nominate local groups who you think would be worthy recipients. That could be a local charity, a school, a church, a national charity with a local office or any other group doing great stuff in our local community. Andy Jackson is going to collate all the nominations, so if you have an idea for who to nominate then please email Andy with your suggestion.

Andy will need to know:

  • The name of the organisation
  • What does the organisation do?
  • Is there anything specific for which the money would be used?
  • Is there any reason you particularly think this organisation is worthy of support?

Andy will then head up a team who will look at all the nominations and decide which ones we are going to support.

A couple of requests with all this. Firstly please don't talk to the organisation in advance - we don't want to build up anyones hopes and then disappoint them! Secondly please don't take it personally if the organisation you've nominated isn't chosen.

Please be thinking about who to nominate, and what being generous in your giving would mean for you.


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