Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Inside Out - Five Practices for Emotionally Healthy Churches

This Sunday we had Dr Roger Bretherton with us, kicking off our series on embracing our emotions. He did an outstanding job of speaking into the subject, both from a Biblical viewpoint and from his background as a clinical psychologist. If you missed it you can watch a video of Roger's talk here.

Roger's five practices for emotionally healthy churches are:

  • Gratitude: An emotionally healthy church appreciates what it has
  • Hope: An emotionally healthy church believes in a better future
  • Endurance: An emotionally healthy church makes suffering okay
  • Forgiveness: An emotionally healthy church doesn't get stuck in offence
  • Kindness: An emotionally healthy church is never too cool to be kind

He encouraged us to see those as a menu, choosing to do the one that most stands out to us, rather than adding all 5 to our to do list and just feeling more guilty!

Endurance really spoke to me, both from a personal point of view and in light of me speaking on handling grief and loss this coming Sunday. What are you going to be doing this week in order to be emotionally healthy?

Hope you have a great week,


ps - we're currently looking at providing videos of Sunday talks on the church website, alongside the audio podcasts. We're also investing in the technology to allow us to live stream a Sunday meeting (we recently did this for a wedding which got watched all around the world!). I'd be really interested to hear if people think they'd make use of either of these if we were to make them available.



Fiona Carney said...

Yes to video and a very big YES to livestreaming!!

Fiona Carney said...

Oh! and forgot to say - ditto to endurance :)