Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remembrance Sunday Poem

Lots of people have commented to me on how moving they found the poem which Stuart Bryan read after the minutes silence in each of our morning meetings on Sunday (Lee Simmonds read it in the evening). Stuart not only read the poem but also wrote it. It's such a beautiful piece of writing that I thought I'd reproduce it here so that we can all appreciate it.

If you don't know Stuart he's an outstanding guy in our community, in his early twenties and currently working in Edinburgh as a Parliamentary Researcher for a Member of the Scotish Parliament. We can be very proud of him :)


ps - Just for the record we can be very proud of Lee too!


No moment lasts forever but it has its right to weep

So stretch this moment out across the shores to distant lands,

A place of foreign motives and a place of darker times

Drawing in all heroes to surrender up their lives:

Our daily battles pale against their greater sacrifice.


18 and enlisted, He hadn’t left home before.

Never heard another accent and, truth be told, he’d never kissed a girl.

Just a child this last Friday - he’d spent the day in school

Waiting anxiously for freedom that was signalled by the bell.


But a week has brought transition and he now finds himself a man

That freedom seems less joyous, weighing heavy in his hands

The school bell but a memory kept in store for what’s to come

Tucks it deep inside his satchel next to a sandwich from his mum.

Her face though faintly hopeful couldn’t mask her fearful eyes

Searching past the green-grass uniform, past the soldier for her child


His story camouflages with those to his left and right

One amidst the hoard of strangers whom he’ll defend with his life

A father of late thirties claps a hand onto his back –

He sees his own son in him - says he’ll see him safely back


Onwards they march together, this new father and this son,

This family of martyrs united by their country's cause

Their actions now dictated by a higher will and force

The price of hope and freedom that they know might cost their all


For this they’ll risk the thunder, they’ll risk that hate-torn land

Their minds to griefs unspoken, things you and I can't comprehend

For this they join together, their differences cast aside

For this we are indebted and we rightly lift them high


These heroes we remember in our prayers and in our thoughts

Their lives are duly honoured and this moment, we stretch on.


But there was one who had no brother

No comrade with him in arms

Rejected by his people, by his friends he was denied.

They scorned his march to battle, on his back a ton of wood

Stripped of dignity and clothing for reasons no one understood.

Alone he faced the terror of a war with sin and death

Which cost more than his body as it stole his final breath

In submission he surrendered, losing everything he was

His sonship and holiness, and his righteousness with God

He asked his Heavenly Father “can’t you take this task from me"

Sweating blood in desperation as he prayed out earnestly.


But he knew the weight of freedom, knew the worth of sacrifice

Knew the criss-cross battle scars on his hands and skin sufficed

Though he cast a lonely figure, he was faithful to that cost

The soldier of humility, our Salvation on a cross.


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