Friday, November 27, 2015

Who do you think He is?

We start a new three week series on Sunday as part of the run up to Christmas, looking at different characters in the genealogy of Jesus. Any fans of the BBC series "Who do you think you are?" will know how fascinating it can be to discover more about somebody's ancestors, and how they can give us insights into that person.

Pete Scazzero, author and speaker on emotionally healthy spirituality, says that "Jesus may be in your heart, but Grandpa is in your bones!". As a pastor I see that again and again, both positive and negative traits being passed from generation to generation. I don't think that Jesus was shaped by his ancestors in the way we might be, but I do think his ancestors have important things to teach us about who Jesus is, the people He was happy to have included in his family tree, and the difference He has come to make.

We've also got baptisms in all three meetings in Bracknell on Sunday - let's be praying for some in Sandhurst too next time round!

Have a great weekend and hope you manage to make it to one of our gatherings,



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