Thursday, December 3, 2015

Generous Gift Day Thanks

I want to say a huge thank you to eveyone who gave to our 'Generous' Gift Days. As of last Friday the total stood at £48,250, which we're already in the process of giving away locally, nationally and internationally. Whether you gave a small amount or a large amount, I'm so grateful for your generosity. If you didn't manage to give and still want to then you can either do that using one of our giving envelopes on a Sunday and writing "Gift Day" on the envelope, or you can give online here.

Many of you will remember that we had set a target of £100,000 for the gift day. My initial reaction to hearing what we'd actually raised was to be very thankful for it, and with Christmas and all that entails coming up to settle for what we've already achieved. However, having has time to reflect, pray and talk with others I'd really love us to still aim for the £100,000 we initially set out to achieve, even if that was a figure we made up rather than something we specifically felt God called us to. We're therefore planning to have two more gift days towards the end of February 2016 where we'll look to raise the other £51,750 we need to achieve the target.

I was at the last night of Alpha in Bracknell yesterday evening. Somebody asked me what was the most exciting thing for me which had happened in the 8 years since I'd been leading Kerith. I had to admit that it's not the growing numbers, our Sandhurst site or anything like that, but every time I hear a story of somebody's life being changed as a result of being part of our community. Last night some of the Alpha guests got up and spoke publicly about how their lives had changed over the ten weeks of the course - it was utterly inspiring. Hopefully by February we'll have stories of what the money we've already given has been used for, stories of changed lives which will inspire us to even more generosity.

Thank you again,


ps On the subject of Gift Days one of the things we sense God calling us to in 2016 is a renewed focus on buildings. On the 3rd and 10th January I'm going to do vision talks outlining the things we feel God has called us to focus on in 2016. As part of strengthening our sites we want to investigate having a permanent home for Kerith in Sandhurst, and look to redevelop the buildings on our Bracknell site for the next season of growth. Part of that will mean raising money - something those of us who have been around for a while will remember well! Later in 2016 we're therefore likely to be having Gift Days in preparation for these new projects, initially looking to pay off the mortgage on the house behind K2 and provide the beginnings of a building fund. All very exciting!

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