Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In the Beginning

On Sunday we began our year in John's gospel with an introduction from me. If you missed it then you can watch the video below, or if that doesn't work for you then click here.

As part of Sunday's introduction we took a look at the first five words in John's gospel in the original Greek language, which are:

In the text above the bottom line is the actual Greek, the top line gives you an indication of how to pronounce it. The NIV English translation is "In the beginning was the word".

It's an incredible introduction, and shows how right from the beginning of his gospel John wants to give us a unique view of Jesus, distinct from other three gospels and relevant to people whatever their background.

I'm no Greek expert, although I did spend some of my sabbatical trying to master the basics. One of the really helpful tools I found is the website Bible Hub, which among other things gives you an interlinear Bible showing the original Greek word, its English equivalent and links to descriptions for that word and other places in the Bible it is used. You can find John 1:1 in Bible Hub here - from there I'm sure you can work out the rest!

We're going to spend the next few weeks looking at the seven signs, or miracles, which John records in his gospel, each of which tells us something different about Jesus and how we can believe in Him. We start on Sunday with Jesus turning water into wine. Don't miss it!

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