Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day of Prayer and Fasting and Kids Job Opportunities

We've got three incredibly important job opportunities open at the moment, all to do with taking our work with the children of Kerith and in the wider community to another level. I'm therefore asking all of us to take part in a day of prayer and fasting next Wednesday 24th February.

If you've been around the last two weeks you may well have heard Jacqui Webber-Gant talk about the power of fasting as a way of focussing our minds and demonstrating we are serious. I loved it when she said that "fasting without prayer is just miserable!". This isn't just about denying ourselves, but denying ourselves for a reason, in order that we can seek God and spend time with him, specifically around praying for the right people for these three roles.

So please join me in praying and fasting on the 24th. For some that may mean not eating all day, for others it might be missing a meal. Others who for medical or other reasons shouldn't fast could could decide not to watch TV or avoid social media for the day and spend the time they free up praying. And if you're a teenager (or younger) and would like to fast please talk to your parents about it first and honour whatever advice they give you - they are wiser than you think!

I have booked the prayer room on our Bracknell site for a couple of hours from 2-4pm on the 24th for any of us who can get there to pray together, but let's not limit ourselves to that but be praying on our own and in small groups throughout the day.

As a reminder the roles we're looking to fill are:

  • A Kids Champion. This person will create, lead and deliver a cross site strategy for Kerith Kids (including Sundays, Small Groups, Family Life and events) that will grow all sites by drawing families in to the church through Kerith Kids ministry. This will include vision-casting, creating and protecting the culture of Kerith Kids, designing high quality Sundays, resourcing each site with fun and engaging curriculum, establishing all rules and policies whilst ensuring that Kerith adhere to them, organising “One Church” Kerith Kids events, holiday clubs and conferences and advocating for Kerith Kids within the Kerith team.
  • Site Kids Leads for both Bracknell and Sandhurst. These people will deliver the strategy set by the Kids champion to grow their site by drawing families into the church through Kerith Kids ministry. This will include building a team that leads and executes Kerith Kids activities in the site, by inspiring others to serve in Kerith Kids leading and managing all Sundays, small groups and events.

If you, or anyone you know would be interested in any of these jobs then application packs, which include a job description (detailing what each of the roles entails, the days/hours and the sort of person we are looking for), are available from the Kerith Centre reception, from the reception at our Sandhurst site on a Sunday morning, or you can phone our reception on 01344 862699 or email reception. The deadline for applications is Monday 7th March. If you have any queries, please contact Catrina Benham (our Bracknell Site Lead), Heather Pocock (our Sandhurst Site Lead) or Ali Hudell (our Human Resources Manager).

Perhaps you might be an answer to your own prayer!

Many thanks in advance for joining with me in asking God to break in,


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