Saturday, February 13, 2016

Going deeper in John - Michael Ross-Watson's blog

This year we're spending the whole year as a community in the gospel of John, getting to know Jesus better through the words of John. Over the year we're going to provide different ways for us to dig deeper into the book, which will help expand on what we teach on Sunday's.

As part of that Michael Ross-Watson is going to be blogging through the whole of the gospel, starting on Monday with John chapter one verse one, then over the next three months working his way daily through to the very end of John. Once they're all done Michael then intends to turn the blogs in to a book, which I think is going to be a great resource for all those wanting to go deeper in John.

You can find Michael's blog here. There you can sign up to get a daily email with that days blog - I do that and I'd really encourage you to if you haven't already.



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