Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gordon MacDonald with us this weekend

We've got the privilege of having Gordon MacDonald with us this weekend. Gordon, and his delightful wife Gail, have been with us a number of times before, and each time it has been an absolute delight. Sadly Gail isn't with Gordon this time, but we've got two opportunities to hear Gordon and his fatherly wisdom.

On Saturday we're hosting a one day Willow Creek conference called "Talk Like a Father" at which Gordon will be speaking all day. You can find all the details here - it's not too late to either book in online or you can turn up and pay on the day. I'd encourage any of us who can possibly be there to make Saturday - you won't regret it!

Then on Sunday morning Gordon will be speaking in both Bracknell and Sandhurst. Please don't allow anything else to get in the way of you joining with the rest of our church, and in the process receiving the blessing of hearing all Gordon has to bring to us.

Finally as part of our month of prayer Sunday evening will be an evening of worship and prayer, lead by Sola Osinoiki. It's a bit of a different style to our regular prayer meetings where we'd spend most of the time asking God for things, but the prayer Jesus taught us to pray starts with "hallowed be your name" - that's how we're going to start on Sunday night!

See you Saturday or Sunday (or both),



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