Thursday, March 24, 2016

Generous Upside Down Easter Sunday

Please be thinking about who to invite to what is going to be a great Easter Sunday celebration at both our Bracknell and Sanshurst sites. We've got a really exciting meeting lined up including a personal story, a performance song and celebratory worship as we remember the most important day in history.

This year we're going to turn our Easter Sunday meeting upside down compared to the normal format. We'll start with a short time time of worship, then have information, the regular opportunity to give and the preach. Parents will then be released to pick up their children from K2 and then we'll all come together for a time of celebratory worship. The meeting will finish with hot cross buns for everyone!

During the time of worship at the end we'll also take up our Generous Gift Day offering. We're looking to raise £39,000 to reach our overall target of £100,000. If we all came ready to give £39 then we'd easily make the total. However, I realise that for some of us (including the under 11's!) that would be a big stretch - I encourage each of us to think about what generous would look like for us. For some that will be less than £39, for others including Catrina and me generous looks like much more than that. Let's all do what we can in response to God's great generosity towards us.

Hope to see you on Good Friday and Easter Sunday :)


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