Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jesus Reinstates Peter & Generous Gift Days Total

For anyone who missed it on Sunday you can watch my sermon from Sunday morning by either following this link, or if it works in your browser clicking play in the box below. For me the idea of God taking me backwards in order to go forwards has been one of the themes of my life, and I believe is key for us as we seek to live the abundant life God has for each one of us. I hope you find the message helpful.


On Sunday we also announced the total giving for our March Generous Gifts Days, which last Friday stood at £23,833. A huge thank you to everyone who gave - your generosity will make a difference to the lives of people locally, nationally and internationally. That means in total we've raised just over £85,000, of which we've already given away £55,000. We'll be talking about how to give away the remaining £30,000 over the coming days - I'll keep you updated on that.

We are still around £15,000 short of our original target of £100,000. Gifts are still coming in which will help get us nearer the target, but if anyone would like to help us get to the goal then you can find details on how to do that, including how to give online, here.

Catrina and I are off today to Spring Harvest in Minehead for a few days, as guests of the team there. I used to go when I first became a Christian, so it will be interesting to see how it has changed. We'll be back for Sunday though so we'll hope to see you then. Ben and Heather Pocock are also going to be at Spring Harvest speaking at one of the youth venues - please be praying for them.

Hope you have a great week,


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