Thursday, April 28, 2016

Serenje Update

I think you'll enjoy this update from Tearfund on our partnership with them in Serenje in Zambia.

Those of you with good memories will remember that we have two ongoing projects in Serenje:

The first is the building of a dormitory, which when fully up and running will house 100 girls who otherwise would have been living in a slum area.

The second is what we've been calling Umoja, but which now seems to have the less catchy but more descriptive title of "Church and Community Mobilisation"! As a church we're giving £15,000 a year to help sponsor an Umoja project across the whole of Zambia which will have Serenje as one of its focus areas. The Reverend Daniel Ngulube who has written the report is employed by Tearfund to run that project.

We should now get these reports at regular intervals - each time we get one I'll post a blog with a link so we can all get to enjoy them!

Let's keep sowing generously :)



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