Friday, April 22, 2016

Worship and Russ Kline

On Sunday morning we're going to continue looking at the subject of worship, interviewing some of our worship leaders to hear their reflections both on worship as a lifestyle and on the way we worship on a Sunday. It will be great to get to know them better as they're an amazing group of people who normally only get to express themselves through song - I know we'll learn lots from hearing some of their words!

On Sunday evening Russ Kline will be with us, giving a practical demonstration of prophetic ministry. This will be at 6pm in the Kerith Centre on our Bracknell site. If possible please park at the college as we're expecting lots of people to want to come to this event. During the evening we'll also be taking up on offering to help support Russ and his ministry - please come prepared to hear from God and to bless Russ.

We're going to follow this up with three workshops on moving in the prophetic, run by Russ. These will be on Wednesday 27th April, 4th May and 11th May, starting at 8pm in the Kerith Centre. They should be excellent so please plan to make as many of them as you can.

Hope to see you on Sunday - be there on time :)

Much love,



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