Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Albania Women's Conference Review

Last Friday and Saturday a group from Kerith, along with our good friend Priscilla Reid from Belfast, helped host the second year of a women's conference in Albania. By all measures it was a huge success, with over 420 women attending from 28 churches from 16 cities / towns in Albania (with 10 churches from the capital Tirana). Some good friends also drove over 5 hours from Macedonia to be there. There were salvations both days, lots of responses for prayer, prophetic words, swords, chains and fire!

Here's a video Catrina recorded before the conference.

And here's a video of the worship during the conference - see if you can identify the song!

One of our eight goals this year is to increase our impact with the churches we work with overseas, which includes more people from Kerith getting involved in supporting these churches. Our involvement with this conference is part of us helping achieve that goal. I'm so proud of the team who went out - if you know any of them please take the time to thank them and to hear some of their stories next time you see them.

While the team were out in Albania they also went to a wedding celebration for Tom and Ida Astley, who got married in the UK last year but had an Albanian style celebration last week. From what Catrina said the dancing, the food and the outfits were all quite amazing!

Later this year we'll be supporting both a youth conference and an 18-30's conference in Albania, and Catrina will be travelling to Serbia, Macedonia and Lithuania to explore us helping host women's conferences there. That's on top of our ongoing support for churches in Estonia, Albania, Lithuania, Serbia and Macedonia, as well as our direct involvement in Zambia and people we are supporting overseas such and Sam and Hannah Fairs-Billam in Zambia and Andy and Mickey Partington in Bolivia.

A huge thank you for everyone in Kerith involved in our international impact, whether through prayer, financial giving, hosting international visitors, personal friendships with those overseas or going on trips.

I'll finish with some more photos from the team in Albania. Enjoy :)



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