Friday, June 10, 2016

Celebration of Life for Louise Holt

Following the incredibly sad news of the death of Louise Holt last Friday, her husband Andrew has asked me to let people know that there will be a service to celebrate Louise's life in Cornwall on Saturday 25th June at 5pm. Their daughter Grace wrote the following on her Facebook page, giving all the relevant details:

I know that many of us, myself included, would really want to be there on the 25th but because of other commitments won't be able to make it. The family are therefore also looking to have a Bracknell based celebration of Louise's life for those who won't be able to make it down to Cornwall. We're currently trying to find a date for that - as soon as we've got one confirmed I'll let you all know, but it will hopefully be some time in early July.

In the meantime please continue to pray for Andrew, Hudson and Grace. That they'll know God's love, comfort and peace at such a tough time for them all.

Much love,



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